Hello, is it me

you're looking for?

I would love to tell the tale of little old me, running around with camera in hand taking photos of my grans murray mint collection, but sadly that was not for me. As a kid I was far too lazy to invest my energy into anything other than winding up my beloved family members, so growing up it didn't play much of a role in my life. Oh don't get me wrong, I did the A-level bollocks that they like to call photography, spoiler alert - it was shit.

So there I was.. fully fledged grown up, camera in hand, with the realisation of how bloody awesome taking photos could be. I was lucky enough to tag along to a wedding with the incredible Ange and it kinda took off from there.

Since then I've had the privilege of meeting some bloody amazing couples as well as some gad damn awesome photographers and I just love what I do! Especially when it involves a delicious meal and some cake, hint hint wink wink.

Now I've waffled on about the how's for far too long, GET TO KNOW A LITTE BIT MORE ABOUT ME.

I LOATH social media with a passion and die a little on the inside every time I realise that I have to use it to grow my business.

I am a MAD Harry Potter fan (please don't start a sentence with I'm a HP fan and then finish by telling me you've never read the books - GOD DAMNIT CAROL). Stephen Fry is my life, if you know you know.

I love to read shit romantic comedies and every so often a bit of a crime/thriller.

I dream of being one of those people who wakes up a 6am, jumps out of bed and goes for a run. The reality is that I have to drag my sad and sorry arse out of bed whilst muttering curse words underneath my breath.

I have three wonderful yet slightly feral children whom I love dearly, but whom I also want to put in the bin 60% of the time (it's a joke Karen, don't report me to socials).

I can't watch a good boxset without becoming weirdly obsessed with it, consequently staying up until 2am after muttering the phrase 'just one more'.




meet my people.

Mad as box of frogs, but I love em.

Three out of three


We are a reflection of the people who surround us. They may drive me to the brink of crazy, but they keep me grounded and remind me daily of how blessed I am.




(Stalk away).

Candid portrait of bride and guest during rustic Hampshire wedding
Bride and groom during speeches at salisbury wedding
Bride and groom rustic wedding portraits farm house in Wiltshire