Emma & Fraser Wellington Barn

      6th June, 2019

      Emma got in touch with me last year, it was when we arranged to meet that I realised that her and Fraser lived down the road – small world! Yet again I was blessed to get on with both Emma and Fraser from the word go. Although Emma said that she wouldn’t describe herself as a ‘laid back’ bride, in my opinion she stayed super cool throughout the day. ⁣

      Emma got ready in a gorgeous little house a few miles away from Wellington Barn. Both her and her bridesmaids were totally organised and ready with plenty of time to spare. I nearly peed my pants when Emma’s car arrived to pick her up – it was only a VW split screen camper – mint green!! This is like my dream car – one day… Emma’s dress was gorgeous, however it wasn’t the easiest to sit down in and we had a little giggle when she attempted to get into the van gracefully. I arrived at E&F venue and was amazed by the incredible decor, all made and set up by Emma and family. I literally cannot get enough of my brides doing their own decor, it always looks so fab and personal. DIY brides for the win! ⁣

      E&F day panned out perfectly, yet again I can not have asked for a lovelier couple and family to photograph. I got a real taste of the Scottish tradition when I was asked by Allison (Frasers lovely mamma), to photograph a load of bare bums. I literally could not stop laughing! I feel blessed to have been a part of such a fabulous day, filled with love, laughter, drink and a bunch of just amazing people. Thank you Emma and Fraser for making me feel so welcome – you guys rock! And a shout out to Allison for being super lovely to me all day. I hope you love your preview xx