Eliza & Kayla's Garden Wedding 

August 18, 2018


This has to have been one of my favourite weddings I've ever photographed! I first met Eliza and Kayla a few months before their big day, we meet in the Cotswolds for their engagement shoot. It was an incredibly hot day and I must admit that I nearly melted. We went for a lovely walk and managed to get some gorgeous shots - most including my dog, who decided to adopt them for the day. We then had a lovely picnic and got to know one another better, these two are so incredibly easy to get along with and I left feeling excited about shooting their big day.

The day of the wedding came around and unlike most of the weddings I shoot, I prepared myself for two ceremonies! Both brides got ready in the same beautiful apartment, along with their army of bridesmaids (and bridesman). It was so completely chilled, a total dream to be a part of. Once ready, they did their 'first look' before walking across to the registry office together. I have to point out that this registry office was not like most registry offices! It was totally gorgeous and flooded with light - yay me. E & K walked down the aisle together and said their vows in front of their nearest and dearest, there were many tears shed, even I struggled to keep composed (I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones - cough cough). After officially becoming Mrs & Mrs, we headed out onto the streets of Stratford-upon-Avon where we met a man painted in silver and dressed as a knight - you'll see. There was some time to kill, so the bridal party headed back to the flat for some chill time, and I headed to the Harry Potter shop across the road (Yes Stratford-Upon-Avon have a Harry Potter shop, as if I was going to leave without looking in there).

Chill time over, we headed to the venue for round two! When I arrived at K & E venue I couldn't believe how fabulous it looked, every little detail was carefully thought out, it was truly perfect in every way. Once the guests had all arrived everyone settle down in the gardens ready for the second ceremony. This ceremony was carried out by one of their closest friends, Tracey, who did an amazing job and made the occasion so personal. Both ladies vows were beautiful and emphasised everything that should exist between two people in love.

The rest of the day continued in the same relaxed and fabulous fashion. All of the speeches were sensational and full of emotion, I have honestly never known such lovely families. Both Kayla's and Eliza's families totally embraced the occasion and showed a love for each other that I have never had the pleasure of photographing. As I have already said - this was one of my favourite weddings ever and this was not only because the couple were totally lovely or the fact that the venue was completely gorgeous, but was because of the amount of love present in one place and one time. This is something that is rare and extremely special!

Eliza & Kayla - you two are incredible and there is no doubt in my mind that you are made for each other. I hope that this sneak preview brings back vivid memories of the love and happiness that was present throughout your big day! xx

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